Unicorn Dating - How to Be My Unicorn

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Unicorn Dating - How to Be My UnicornWe all know unicorn as legendary magical creature with horse like figure and large spiraling horn in its forehead. This creature was said to be rare and hard to find but it has healing ability. Nowadays, unicorn doesn't just refer to that beautiful creature. In business for example, unicorn is used to call a startup that successfully develop itself until it values over a billion dollars. Another field that has this word is relationship. In relationship, unicorn is described as a person who willingly join a couple as their third partner and explore new ways of relationship. They are named after this magical creature due to its similarity of rareness.

Unicorn dating generally is about new ways of sex but it also often develop into something more committed. Some singles turn into unicorn because they are attracted to try something new in relationship. They are bored with classic monogamous heterosexual relationship. It can be a bisexual woman curious about threesome relationship with couples or a gay man. Being a unicorn somehow give pride to singles because you can fulfill two people's fantasies at the same time. On the other hands, having relationship with two people also can be complicated and confusing because you have to meet each person expectation.

Meanwhile, couple looking for unicorn is usually to make their relationship better. As the time pass by, relationship can turn into something bored and dull. They wish to find a unicorn to add new things in relationship so that it can refresh and light up their love again. Both of them usually look for the third persons which is equally attractive for both of them. That's why unicorn dating site or unicorn dating apps become the best place to find a unicorn since it provides clear information about the unicorn as well as the couple so that they can easily find perfect match for themselves. Unicorn dating sites also make them easy to find a local unicorn since they provide location info to each other.

In order to use unicorn dating site as you want, you have to sign up and create an account first. Write your profile as honest as possible so that you can easily find a perfect match. Also elaborate your interest such as how far you want to go with them, is it just for having fun or satisfy your sex fantasies. Most unicorn usually aware that they may be just a sex toy to fulfill the couple's fantasy but it will be better to describe it in advance. If all has set up, you can start to find unicorn that you like. Good luck!