Tips for Couple Looking for Unicorn

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Tips for Couple Looking for UnicornIf you've been stuck with your relationship, you may want to refresh it by looking for a unicorn. It's someone who is willing to join your existing relationship, to improve and enrich it. If you're a couple looking for unicorn desperately, there are some tips for you to get one.

Unicorn Dating Site

First of all, you need to go online. There is no way you can find unicorn offline since they tend to cover their orientation in the real world. Even though you can find some of them, there would be a very limited option for you. At this point, going online is the only way you can get through this challenge.

What you need to do is to find a proper unicorn dating site where you'll start everything. Don't get into a generic dating site, what you need is a specific environment where the unicorns are gathered in a platform. Sign up, pick an attractive ID, complete your profile, upload good couple photos, and you'd be ready to search unicorn.

Unicorn Dating App

It's also suggested to use a unicorn dating app to find a unicorn for your existing relationship. These apps are more responsive to a dynamic search and give you the best exposure to unicorns who use mobile internet. It's not a secret that most people are now accessing their social media accounts from their mobile device.

Local Unicorns

Whether you're joining a site or an app, it's best if you can find local unicorns for you. Usually, the app comes with helpful tools like video call, instant message, and location sharing. These would allow you to get a local unicorn very soon enough since you can responsively respond to any communication and share your location or get shared whenever you need it.


If you've set finding to locals but still have no clue where to start, you may enjoy checking photos. Look the unicorns which suit your appearance preferences and you can start there. Once you've found one, you can initiate a chat or instant message to say hi. The same thing is applied to you, get a good couple photo and let it be found by a unicorn.


If you're not sure about someone for a unicorn dating soon, it's suggested to check their profile information. See whether they have the same or similar interest to you and your partner. This would narrow down your list yet increase the degree of compatibility before you can actually be engaged in a conversation.