The Perks of Unicorn Dating

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The Perks of Unicorn DatingIf you are a long time player on the sexual adventure, you must be familiar with the term unicorn. However, in case you do not have any idea, it is far related to those cute horse-like characters with a rainbow horn. Unicorn dating is a term for those who enjoy having a sexual relationship with an official couple. The unicorn itself is not limited to one gender, it can be a man or a woman who wants to enjoy sex with a heterosexual couple or a gay relationship. However, the term unicorn mostly refers to a female that is willing to share the intimate moment with a couple, since both of them are famous for its rarity. It is really difficult to find a unicorn because women are usually reluctant to enter someone's else relationship and prefer to look for threesome dating instead.

Of course, we have unicorn dating site and unicorn dating app if you are really interested to find one. The users usually put the cute unicorn emoji on their profile to indicate their preference. However, in case you happen to find one, it is usually not easy to convince them to join your relationship. It is because even if the person is open for a threesome, she also has to be interested with both of you to start the relationship. Being a unicorn is also not that easy, you must be aware that you only serve as their sexual fantasy and will not be the actual partner of both person. Therefore, many unicorns are usually polyamory instead of being homosexual or lesbian.

Nevertheless, the unicorn dating is one of the incredible sexual kinks for those who enjoy it. As a unicorn, you can satisfy your desire of being satisfied by more than one person and it is wonderfully sexy. It is perfect for those who do not want invests emotionally to a relationship, because the couple has their partner to satisfy those needs. And for a couple looking for unicorns, it is a win-win solution to add some spice on their sexual relationship. Most of the time, the couple will find local unicorns for this purpose since it will be easier to arrange the meeting and dates. So if you are really interested in finding a unicorn, try to look for that cute emoji next time you stroll on your dating app. Also, make sure that your spouse is also comfortable with the decision, so all parties involved can really have a good experience.