Are You A Unicorn? Read These!

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Are You A UnicornThere are some things to look out when ones build a relationship with the couple. Having the triad relationship is not dangerous or sinful, but it is tricky for some people.

If you are a unicorn, or someone who is interested with unicorn dating, you will want to read these to give you the important insights.

Unicorn dating site function

For some unicorn hunters, they will just post the ads and wait until the prospects come in contact. The problem is that not all people think that way. In fact, many people tend to rely on online dating services to achieve such results. So, registering yourself up to unicorn dating site is a huge right step.

Who wants to add women to their relationship?

In these unicorn dating sites, you will often see similar tags. If you are wondering if it is right or wrong. The answer is indefinite. But I can strongly suggest that it is not the right point of view. If you see a similar message like "we just need another woman", which literally means they only need you as an object. So, they find a unicorn, they use her, and they will throw her out when they don't need her anymore. You don't want to waste your time with such couple looking for unicorn.

The expectations amongst party

The unicorn dating sites have wide spectrums to understand. Therefore, it is very important to be very clear about what you want and expect.

Primary, secondary, or involved in the relationship? You will want to be clear about it. For instance, when a couple looking for unicorn clearly state that they are primary in relationship, then you as the third party can only hope to be the secondary. That means you don't have the right to change the relationship. But if they are more flexible than that, you can get into their relationship as well.

The rules

Just like in many other kinds of relationships, there are rules and common grounds to consider. Before proceeding with the specific couple looking for unicorn, you will want to be clear about the rules. You don't want to waste your time and effort for those who set unclear rules. You also have the equal right to speak up if you decide that the rules don't work for you. Don't hesitate to say it out of your courtesy. After all, the negotiation and communication are two most important things in this polyamorous relationship.